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Wheel Alignment

This video goes over wheel alignment on your vehicle. Three different types of wheel alignment are explained: Thrust Alignment, Two-Wheel Alignment, and Four-Wheel Alignment. Trust the folks at Neese Automotive to handle all your auto repair needs.

Front End Inspection

This video shows how we check for and repair ball joint looseness while performing a front end inspection. Neese Automotive is your leader in auto repair in Fort Walton, Destin, Crestview, and the surrounding areas.

What separates Neese Automotive?

A business that can do the job properly will always win out. That's what separates Neese Automotive from your average repair shop. Getting a car back out on the road as fast as possible may sound ideal, but if the work is rushed and the car is still at risk, then...

Summertime Car Problems

Living in Northwest, FL, we experience periods of extreme heat during the summer months that can take a toll on your car or truck. Here are the three most common summertime car problems to watch out for: Engine overheating. Maintaining fluid levels, including motor...

Disposing of waste oil properly

When servicing your vehicle ensure that you are not pouring old fluids onto the ground, in a river, ditch, storm sewer, garbage or anywhere other than environmentally safe places. Here are some tips for disposing old fluids from your vehicle: Use a dirt-free pan that...