Preventive Maintenance

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In order to keep your vehicle in good running condition you need to have your car go through quality preventive maintenance. Bringing your vehicle into our Fort Walton Beach auto repair shop for regular check-ups and tender-loving-care will leave your vehicle running smoother, longer.

Think of your car as your own body, follow the scheduled maintenance recommendations in your owner’s manual and checking fluid levels regularly. You can change the fluids and filters periodically which can minimize the risks of major breaks and extend the life of the engine, transmission, cooling system and brakes. If your car is continually having “problems” then be more proactive and do some healthy preventive maintenance!

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Common Auto Maintenance Problems

 In a study conducted by AAA, the most common maintenance problems are the following: 

  • Low Tire Pressure – Tire pressure should be checked at least once a month to ensure tires are not under or over-inflated. Tires pressure levels should match recommended levels in the owner’s manual. Low pressure in the tires can increase wear and fuel consumption. Having too much pressure may reduce traction. Keeping tires properly aligned will also help ensure longer tire life and improve fuel economy.
  • Worn Wiper Blades – Rigid, cracked or torn wiper blades can greatly reduce visibility when driving in rain and snow. Wiper blades should be examined and replaced once a year or sooner if streaking occurs.
  • Low or Old Engine Oil – Old and dirty oil reduces engine protection and increases engine wear, while low oil levels can lead to overheating. If the oil level drops too low, lubrication will be lost and severe engine damage can result. Regular oil changes (based on the schedule suggested in the owner’s manual) will extend engine life.
  • Old Transmission Fluid – Changing automatic transmission fluid at the intervals recommended by the vehicle manufacturer will keep the vehicle shifting smoothly and extend the life of the transmission. Take your vehicle to a shop that uses a transmission flusher to exchange new fluid for the old. This does a much more complete job than a simple drain and fill.
  • Low Coolant Level and Weak Antifreeze – The coolant level should be maintained at the full mark on the reservoir, and the strength of th4e antifreeze should provide freezing protection down to -25° Fahrenheit.
  • Worn Tires Minimum – tread depth should be 3/32 inch. Tires should be replaced if the wear bars are flush with the surface of the tread.
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