Valve Cover Leak “I had a motor that ran without oil”

valve cover gaskets

Leaking valve cover gaskets are just one way your motor can loose oil. Katie swears she had a 97 Toyota Camry that would run on no oil, Jackie also never changed her oil in her 99 Toyota Corolla that also would run without service.

While those two Toyota’s were unique that is not the case for most cars on the road today. Your car’s engine oil is vital in keeping all the parts cooled and lubricated for longer life and efficiency. Seals and Gaskets are used to keep oil from leaking out where engine parts join, in this case, the valve covers are attached.

Why does your Valve Cover Gasket fail?

Your vehicle’s gaskets can fail for a variety of reasons, as a result of extreme temperature changes; prolonged lack of use leading to the drying of the gasket; or contaminants in the fluid. Regardless of why it started to leak, gaskets are generally very easy to repair.

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