Cummins beat by Prius in street Race!! Find out how…


Cummins doesn’t lose! Never gonna happen- we gotcha! But it is a common issue in 1998 thru 2004 year models that the accelerator shows a lack of response or ‘dead pedal’ symptom.

And, if you were in a race with a Prius when this happened, you would lose the race. Do not let a Prius beat you, you will lose your ‘Dodge Card’ and be shamed by the truck community everywhere. Be cool and get your repairs done NOW.

So what can you do? Don’t wait until the problem happens to you, you could be towing or hauling your trailer! A dead pedal can come and go; but most often once it the issue occurs with the sensor you lose response from the pedal until its repaired. This issue occurs not only in Dodge Cummins but also in Chevrolet and Ford diesel and gas motor models.

Symptoms can come and go but they will return

Most often they present with a check engine light as well as a lack of acceleration or slow to no throttle response.

Non Diesel mechanics often misdiagnose these codes and can cost you money in unnecessary repairs. Save the hassle and save yourself some money, come to Neese Automotive if you are experiencing these symptoms. We will get your Cummins in tip top shape before you embarrass yourself, or the Dodge Corporation.

Don’t be that guy (or girl), Get your Dodge some love and get a DIAGNOSTIC check on your diesel through the summer! Typical labor rates for diesel repair can run as high as $200 / hour in our area; our ASE certified diesel mechanics are much more affordable and you get dealership hassle!

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