Injection Pump Failures: How to prevent it

Cummins, Ford and Chevrolet Diesel trucks starting around 1998 but even in current year models are known for having injection pump failures.

The high failure rate on these diesel trucks are due to the severe amount of heat that comes off the engine block and in early model Cummins the pump was located on the engine block. Other contributing factors to the pump failure is the distance the fuel pump has to transport fuel as well strain from lack of lubrication. Some models have relocated the pump to help eliminate these issues and Ford has a pre-packaged contamination kit bundle. We can get these kits and upgrades for cheaper than the dealership or even online – call us for pricing 850-862-6868.

The strain on the pump from these issues can cause the pump to fail suddenly and can leave you stranded. But unfortunately the problem doesn’t stop there.

If the pump fails- the lack of lubrication and deterioration of the pump can send metal shavings throughout the system, contaminating the injectors, fuel rails and tank and cause hundreds of dollars in excess repairs requiring you to clean the tank and flush the fuel lines and even replace the injectors.

How to upgrade your Injection Pump

Companies like Jasper Engines and Transmissions have created a coating in their pumps to help prevent the breakdown and lack of lubrication issues. Other companies have created contamination failure fail safes that will prevent the system from spreading the metal debris and can save you money.

Symptoms for the injector pump failure can include :

  1. Dies While Driving
  2. Lack of Power
  3. Wont Start
  4. Check Engine Light

Do you have any of these symptoms? Want to know more? Call us now to discuss your options before you pump fails. Already experiencing failure? Call us to get a price comparison, we offer nationwide warranty on our repairs and can save you HUNDREDS $$ over the other guys! Let us beat your quote now! Call 850-862-6868 and mention this article for special pricing

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