Diesel Particulate Filters – Do not ignore warning signs

Diesel exhaust fluid is a part of most diesel trucks these days and is causing expensive repairs. You can avoid these repairs by doing these things:

The most important thing and new to the diesel world is the DEF Fluid, the blue (most times) port next to the fuel port that you add fluid to. When and how much? Your vehicle will tell you when to add it, and most gas stations carry it now. The worst thing you can do is run out! DO NOT treat this as washer fluid, this DEF Fluid is vital to your vehicle and needs to be topped off.

Emissions systems regulations have evolved over the years. It started with the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) systems, then DPF (diesel particulate filter) and now the new thing is the SCR (selective catalytic reduction).

SCR uses DEF Fluid with a catalyst to reduce nitrous oxide emissions. Because the fluid is used while the vehicle is in use, you have to add fluid and monitor levels regularly. If the system goes empty it can put the vehicle into limp mode until you get the tank refilled. Most systems will also need to be reset by a repair facility. However, on some Dodge trucks the truck is continue to run but will require more DPF regeneration cycles which can cause unneeded wear and tear on the system.

The diesel particulate filter can be cleaned, through regeneration, which the vehicle will do on its own or we can force it with a computer to try and prolong the filter life. But the filter is just that, a filter. And when the filter is stopped up, and unable to clean or cracked- you have to replace it. 

Several codes can indicate an issue in your system. NOX Sensor Codes, Reductant Heater Circuit and Reductant Temp Codes can cause catastrophic failures if ignored. Repairing these codes is vital in reducing exhaust system repair bills.

DPF Filters can cost thousands of dollars and all of the manufacturers ( Ford, Dodge and Chevrolet) are having a hard time sourcing parts. Chevrolet currently (at the time I wrote this was a backorder of over 8,000 filter assemblies) and with no aftermarket companies manufacturing them.

Do not wait!! Get your Diesel Exhaust system checked today, by maintaining proper regenerations and filter and fluid replacements you can avoid costly repair and extreme down times for parts delays.

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