Auto Repair – Prepare the Exterior of Your Car for Spring!

Now that the winter months are nearly over, this doesn’t mean proper car preparation is over. Indeed, while the spring season is normally devoid of extreme weather, there is still plenty to do to keep your car in tip-top shape. Aside from the standard services like tune-ups and oil changes, there are more specific tips to keep in mind, specifically tricks of the trade you would not normally consider when seasons change, but for your consideration, here is an accommodating guide on effective car care.

First, let’s start with the outside of the car. Check your undercarriage for any road damage. Check your tires for rotation and air pressure, as tire pressure changes with the rise and fall of outside temperatures (for every 10 degree change). The best time to check is in the morning before ambient temperatures or the sun affect it. Moreover, wiper blades also may need repair or replacement, depending on how much they are used to wipe away ice and debris, so make sure they haven’t dried out.

Auto Repair Fort Walton Beach

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