Auto Repair Maintenance

Neese Automotive provides quality auto repair services to the Shalimar area. Put together, the two words ‘auto repair’ become a dreaded phrase. No one likes the idea of getting their car fixed for a number of understandable reasons. It can cost money, there’s the hassle of finding a good mechanic, the delay of not having a car interferes with daily life.

Simple maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your car in good condition during the winter season. This may involve doing regular systems checks, check your tires, and change your oil and filters. Regular systems checks involve inspecting your brakes, battery, cooling, heating, exhaust, and lights. While these inspections should occur regularly, frozen roads and temperatures require properly working brakes and heater. Winter tires that “provide maximum grip and control in low winter temperatures” and special tread patterns. Regarding oil filters and coolants, these must be fully functional so your engine can warm up correctly. They also strongly suggest using multiviscosity oil to help lubricate your engine and help with startup; they state the lubrication helps your engine when temperatures drop below zero. Lubrication also helps reduce wear and tear in general. Furthermore, keep an eye on your rear defroster, as to not have one in good condition would make driving very difficult.

Aside from maintenance, the other method of protection comes from being properly equipped. Ice scrappers are a solid choice for your windows, even though we are located in Florida, there will be those cold mornings when your window is frozen. Shovels and de-icers will also come in handy.

These are just a few tips about staying safe while driving during the winter. Obviously, there are different winter conditions for different areas, but it’s best to know all possible measures just in case. Regardless of how extreme the winter conditions are, drive slow and pay attention. Moreover, planning ahead can do wonders for driving in the cold. If you know you have to wake up early, start your car before you have to leave, so it warms up. Also, if your windows ice up and you don’t have an ice scrapper, you can use cold water to melt the ice (Do not use warm water, as it could crack the window).

If you are looking for auto repair services in the Shalimiar area, do not hesitate Neese Autmotive today. Our certified technicians provide the best repair services in the area! 850-862-6868

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