Auto Repair -Tips for the Winter Season

During the winter season, driving and car maintenance requires a slight tune-up. First things first: inspection. Check your car to make sure you have enough antifreeze, healthy tires (as well as a spare just in case), your brakes and your heating system. Have reliable windshield wipers, too. Cold weather brings icy roads, frosty windows, and increased uncertainty on the road, so always make sure you are as prepared as possible. Another important item on your checklist is checking under the hood. The battery should be charged; hoses and belts should be clean; you should have enough transmission fluid; and check the thermostat and radiator for any potential problems. Now if your heat does not work, there are DIY methods to counteract the cold. Buy an ice scraper for those cold mornings when your windshield freezes; it’s quicker than waiting for the heat to turn on. If you have to use water to melt the ice, do NOT use hot water, only cool or lukewarm. Hot water will stimulate a sudden temperature change that could crack the windshield. This is not the complete list of car preservation, but a convenient overview of necessary and vital information that should be expanded upon by the drivers themselves.

Winter Auto Repair in Florida

Even though this list sounds overly abundant, it is also extremely necessary to maintain solid upkeep on your vehicle. Auto repair bills can skyrocket if the vehicle if left unattended. Of course you will spend money on maintenance, but that money is considerably cheaper and more cost-effective than waiting till the last minute to repair more that could have been avoided early on. Additionally, remember that most of these tips also apply to spring and summer. Even though we live in the Sunshine State, we still get cold weather, so don’t disregard these tips just because it does not snow here. Regular checking should be a daily routine when you get in your car and when you get out. The best part about car maintenance is that the more you do it, the more it becomes a habit, and then it is almost second nature.

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