Are you having a/c problems this summer?

Staying out of the heat is a high priority while driving, as summer temperatures can drastically affect how people drive and take care of their vehicles. For instance, higher temperatures will raise a tire’s air pressure by about 10 degrees. Taking care of your air conditioning is vital to enjoying your summer.

Here are warning signs you should look for when driving. Does your air conditioning make loud noises when turned on? Is there only warm air coming out? Are the vents broken? Simple questions like these can help one determine the status of your A/C and where to go from there. Our process begins with evaluation techniques such as pressure readings and leak tests. From there, we can clean inside the ventilation, checking the heating system, cooling, and any signs of bacteria or mold buildup inside. We will also check the system for possible recharging. At the very least, even if you cannot find any of the aforementioned issues, it wouldn’t hurt to come in for a checkup and confirm your vehicle’s A/C system is still optimal.

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The last thing anyone wants to do is deal with extreme heat while driving. Instead, take plenty of relaxed rides knowing your car’s air conditioning is functioning properly thanks to one of the most reliable auto care companies in Northwest Florida. Not only do we offer excellent A/C work, but we also extend our services to cover all the necessary maintenance provisions. From oil changes to systems checks, our business guarantees capable technicians with the latest industry tools to improve your vehicle’s performance. Take the necessary steps to making sure your summer is a comfortable one. Give us a call today at 850-862-6868!

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