Let's see I had my engine and transmission dropped from the car to reseal all components. The quality of maintenance was ok but they broke stuff in the process and it's like pulling teeth for them to get the car into good running order. They gave me a $350 good labor discount at the end of the job because it took about 3 1/2 weeks when they said it would take 2. Which was fine but when I realized I didn't get my Military discount of 20% ( no limit) which was on there site. I was told that was an old ad from a yr ago and it hadn't been taken down. So they said they were going to honor it I paid $4420 so refund would of been around $974. Then I was told that they gave me $350 of the discount already in the original invoice. No, that was because they took so long on the car. So after countless back and forth about this I said " You know what you guys obviously need it more than I do." So refund is around $528, then I'm told car needs about $450 worth of work to get it right. But these were obviously components they removed and put back on that were fine before I took the car in. But I got told this was wear and tear since I got the maintenance done. How does that work out I have put 300 miles on the car since the job has been done and I've been on deployment for the past 4 months. I haven't even been driving it. This is the 3rd time it's been back to the shop for issues and I'm done with it. Then after all this I'm told the sunroof is leaking and wasn't leaking before. Why wasn't this put in the shop so my interior doesn't get ruined? I had to ask them to do this service because obviously there is no common sense. I'm still deployed overseas and can't get my girlfriend to pick it up until Monday ( this incident happened Friday). I was recommended by a very good employee at miracle strip body shop. From what I have told him about this incident his company will not be sending anymore vehicles to this company. They send them a lot of business when they are backed up. All in all don't send your vehicle to this company. I don't think they realized how big this job was and couldn't handle got overwhelmed. Then tried to recoup costs by screwing over the average American by taking money from his pocket.

    thumb Charles B.

      The young lady at the counter was very nice and assisted my automotive needs. They did a great job on my brakes and the price was a lot better than the other quotes I received. I would definitely go back to this shop again.

    thumb Alexander S.

      On the way into town we had a warning icon pop up. Jackie at Neese was lovely and got us on their schedule. The folks at Neese were friendly, competent, and fair. Thank you for helping out visitors and getting us back on our way!

    thumb Barbara W.